What We Do in Tampa Score?

We urge all those thinking of going into business for the first time to attend one of our Workshops. Click here for workshop information. However, we offer free one-on-one individual counseling to those who a) have some experience and feel they would not benefit from a Workshop and b) have already completed the Workshop and are ready for specific advice or c) are already in business.
Wherever possible we try to match you with one of our counselors who has a background in your type of business and/or need. Click the “Meet our Counselors” button below to learn more about our current Counselors. Click the “Counseling Signup” button to request free counseling.

If you are considering going into business or you are in the early stages of starting up a business we would encourage you to attend one of our business workshops. These workshops, which cost $35 per person, generally last about three hours, and are held several times a month. All SCORE workshops are co-taught by two or three seasoned business executives who have had senior corporate experience or who have owned successful small businesses, or both. Learn from knowledgeable individuals with actual long term successful business experience. Workshop Descriptions are below:

A three hour workshop covering in depth the following important topics on starting up a new business:
Why do you want to go into business?
General information on small businesses: successes/failures
How to organize and why: Sole Proprietor, Subchaper S Corp, Limited Liability Company
What is an EIN and a Fictitious Name?
Costs to organize
Zoning and licenses
Insurance: General Liability, Automobile, Workers Compensation
Sources of funds
SBA Guaranteed loans
Typical accounting statements used by businesses
Marketing plan
Strengths and weaknesses
Advertising and promotion
Business plan basics

A three hour workshop for new and existing businesses covering in depth the following key elements of a written business plan:
The importance of the planning process
Executive Summary
Business description and organization
Management team
Business risk and insurance
Company objectives and service area
Products and services offered
Marketing Plan
Customers and Competition
Strengths and weakness analysis
Financial Plan
Use of the plan for start up funding or expansion
Income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet
Identifying costs of running the business
Typical financial and personal attachments to the business plan
“Failure to plan is a plan to fail”
Sales and Marketing Workshop

A three hour workshop devoted to improving both your traditional and internet sales and marketing skills to help grow your business:
The introductory sales statement
How to deal with a customer who says “no”
Sales and marketing plan
Customer relationship management
Web based sales and marketing
Essentials of a website
Cost to build and maintain a website
Business technology needs to support sales, website and office needs
Internet Marketing Basics

A 1-1/2 hour, evening workshop geared towards those looking to start a web presence or leverage and existing on.
Why Should you Market on the Internet?
Basic Website Design (including free and low cost resources)
Basic Search Engine Marketing (Getting people to your site)
Basic Email Marketing (Do’s and Don’ts)
Social Networking Basics for promoting your business