Live Workshops to Build Your Business

Live Workshops provide you with an opportunity to learn from experienced instructors who can answer your questions and provide insight into achieving your success.

If you are considering going into business or you are in the early stages of starting up a business we would encourage you to attend one of our business workshops. These workshops, which cost $35 per person, generally last about three hours, and are held several times a month. All SCORE workshops are co-taught by two or three seasoned business executives who have had senior corporate experience or who have owned successful small businesses, or both. Learn from knowledgeable individuals with actual long term successful business experience. Workshop Descriptions are below:


Going Into Business Workshop

A three hour workshop covering in depth the following important topics on starting up a new business:

DETAILS: Going Into Business Workshop

Preparing Your Business Plan

A three hour workshop for new and existing businesses covering in depth the following key elements of a written business plan: DETAILS: Preparing Your Business Plan

Sales and Marketing Workshop

A three hour workshop devoted to improving both your traditional and internet sales and marketing skills to help grow your business: DETAILS: Sales and Marketing Workshop

Internet Marketing Basics

A 1-1/2 hour, evening workshop geared towards those looking to start a web presence or leverage and existing on. DETAILS: Internet Marketing Basics



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